2012 Hanhallah Mifgash!


This past weekend was our annual hanhallah mifgash (senior staff retreat).  Our Roshei Edah (division heads), joined by Talya Kalender (our Director of Camper Care) and Marcia Glickman (our Rosh Mumchim — head of specialty staff) joined Rabbi Gelb, Ben Greene, and me for a packed Shabbaton in Sharon, MA.  It was an incredible weekend!

Here's our Tzad Aleph hanhallah:

2012Hanhallah 060

Here's our Tzad Bet hanhallah:

2012Hanhallah 061

I always find our hanhallah mifgash to be an invigorating weekend, and this year's was no exception!  We spent every moment cooking up lots of big, exciting plans for kayitz 2012 that we can't wait to share with you all!  We also visited camp on Sunday, so the roshim could tour all the amazing construction projects. 

2012Hanhallah 009

I think I got on video-tape the moment when the roshim first walked into our giant new Bet Am Gadol, and their jaws dropped.  We'll be sharing some video tours of the construction projects in the very near future, so keep watching this space!

We also did some filming on a top-secret video project… What could it be??

2012Hanhallah 053

Watch the blog for more information in the coming days!!

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