A Beautiful Shabbat and July 4th!


Magshimim had a fabulous first Shabbat. We were very lucky to have beautiful weather at camp; we were able to pray outside in the churshah, grove, and spent time outside during our freetime on Shabbat. In addition to the delicious food (yay Shabbat brownies!) and ruach, or spirit, we experienced as an entire camp, Magshimim had a meaningful peulat shabbat, or shabbat activity. While divided into groups, the chanichim, campers, played a game that was a combination of taboo and charades, and then discussed when it is better to use words, and when it is better to use actions. We read this in this past week's parsha, chukat, where we saw Moshe hitting the rock, an action, as opposed to speaking to it like God told him to. The chanichim had many good things to say to contribute to this discussion.

After a good first regular day of camp on Sunday, we came to today, July 4th! Whereas usually all tefillot, prayers, and announcements are in Hebrew at camp, today we did a little bit more in English to celebrate America's Independence Day! We sang some of our morning tefillot in English, and had a discussion comparing certain lines from the Torah with some of America's important documents. For example, we looked at a piece of the Bill of Rights, and compared it to Leviticus 25:10, which says, "Proclaim liberty throughout the land, for all of its inhabitants." 

Tonight Magshimim participated in a few different activites to celebrate July 4th. We looked at the prayer for our country in our siddur and talked about what we like about the prayer, and what we would change if we could. We also made up stories about how red, white, and blue became the colors on our flag and then performed them as skits. Below you can see a few picture from our activites tonight. From all of the energy and impressive acting skills and improv we've seen from Magshimim, we are sure to have a successful play next week!




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