A Cappella and Band

From Ethan Linden

I just swung by the a capella and band groups to see how things were going.  (Don’t worry, I’ll stop by cooking at some point…)  I have to say, it is continually amazing to me how many talented campers we have at camp.  Both groups sounded terrific, and this after only a day and half of the program.  The band group is working on a song from Idan Raichel, a popular Israeli performer who mixes western music with traditional Ethiopian chants and tropes.  They sound great, and it is a joy to watch them make the song their own.  (A clip of the Idan Raichel’s version of the song, Mi’Ma’amikim, can be heard here.) The a capella group had already mastered a Hebrew song, Yoducha by the time I got there, and they were working on a beautiful arrangement of Lonesome Road, by James Taylor.  They also sound fabulous.  So much talent on display.  It’s wonderful to see it in action.

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