A Day in “RooView”

Today was Yom ROO, our annual day of sports competition with Camp Ramah in the Berkshires!  Our JV ROO teams tied with Berkshires 5-5, and Palmer Varsity took a narrow victory 6-5.

JV: we won ultimate, tennis, swim, track, and scrabble, and Ramah Berkshires won boys basketball, girls basketball, volleyball, soccer, and co-ed softball.

Varsity: we won boys basketball, girls basketball, tennis, swim, track, and scrabble.  Ramah Berkshires won boys softball, girls softball, ultimate, volleyball, and soccer.

It was a great day of friendly competition. Kol hakavod to all of the athletes from both camps!

Jacob said, “Yom Roo is a lot of fun because the sports are just awesome!”

Peri said, “I enjoyed watching all of my friends compete in the different sports and it was just such a fun experience.”

Nina said, “I am varsity dance captain and even though the music cut out at a certain point we still went on and we’re totally awesome!!!!”

Naomi said, “it is such a great day because you see everyone supporting each other and it’s a day we have all worked so hard towards, and I love how much ruach everyone has.”

Jacob said, “I love Yom roo as a scrabble player because it’s a mental sport that’s a great alternative for those less physically inclined.”

Aaron said, “the day was a fun one full of intense competition and lots of ruach.”

Evan said, “it was a great experience!I got to bond with my team and even though we didn’t win I still learned a lot.”

Shosha- said, “Yom roo really brought a lot of the chanichim together from multiple edot as a tzevet member I was able to take a step back and see the teamwork in a different way.”

Eytan said, “it’s an incredible experience being able to watch your chanichim play their sport and pour their heart and soul into it, it made me feel really proud.”

Josh said, “I saw one of my chanichim have a truly life-changing moment he loves frisbee and he made the greatest play you could make. Afterwards he ran up to me and just gave me the biggest hug, I felt really privileged to watch that moment.”

Check out some of the great moments from today.

Everyone is excited to be at CRNE for Yom Roo!

Yom Roo is a time of serious solidarity, here we have some chanichim (campers) supporting their teammate in the Marp!

We love our machaneh (camp) and we wear our Palmer pride!

No matter what Ramah you go to the Agam (waterfront) is loved by all!

Yom Roo is a day where best friends reunite!

Varsity Boys Softball

Varsity Boys Basketball


Tzad Aleph field sports and their fans!

                                                                                                         Group huddle before the game began

Todah to all our fellow chanichim from Ramah Berkshires we look forward to seeing you next year!

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