Shoafim Sees the Torah From Another Angle


In an exceptional session run by Hinda Eisen (our recently-arrived Educator in Residence), and the  Yahadut staff, Shoafim campers unrolled a Sefer Torah so that they could see the parshiot from beginning to end.

As an introduction to the program, Hinda talked with the campers about the structure and contents of a Sefer Torah.

Did you know these Torah facts?

  • The Torah contains 304,805 letters
  • There are 42 lines per column
  • Just one mistake makes a Safer Torah unkosher
  • There are 54 parshiot
  • There are 248 columns (amudim)
  • All but 6 columns begin with the letter "vav"
  • There are 31,530 occurances of the letter "yud"
  • There are 1,802 occurances of the letter "tet"
  • It takes one full year to write a Sefer Torah

After a discussion about the importance of not allowing the Sefer Torah to fall to the ground and the consequences if that should happen (40 days of fasting, for instance), the Shoafim campers began to unroll the Sefer Torah.



Once the Sefer Torah was fully open, Hinda began to explain more about what was inside.

As our Shoafim campers approach their bar/bat mitzvah year, seeing the Torah from such an unusual perspective was a wonderfully memorable way to understand its importance and meaning in Jewish life.

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