A Successful JV Palmer vs JV Berkshires Day

Yesterday the JV Berkshires team came to camp to compete against our JV Team.  These teams consist of our campers in Magshimim and Bogrim edot.  From the weather to the sportsmanship to the great games played all over camp, you couldn't ask for a better day. 

We started out with a few sprinkles of rain, but it didn't stop us from having a lot of ruach (spirit) welcoming our fellow campers from Ramah Berkshires.  Once they arrived the games began.  We started out at the agam (lake) for swim race, then the boys softball, girls basketball, scrabble and ultimate started.  It was a thrill to watch our chauchim compete.  Once those activities ended we all went into lunch to fortify ourselves for the afternoon sports.

Boys basketball, soccer, volleyball, track and girls softball got underway right after lunch.  Again watching the ruach, the sportsmanship and talent of our chanichim was awesome to see.  The rain was still holding off letting us get to see our very talented dance team show off their skills on our b-side tennis courts.  Both the Berkshires and Palmer chanichim were very impressed with what they saw.

To end the day, before we all went in to sit down together for dinner, the Magshimim, and Bogrim groups split up into different areas with their counterparts from Berkshires and they had time to socialize and get to meet each other.  It was great to see all these different groups hanging out and talking. (with campers from both camps in those circles)

As we were finishing up dinner, the rain started.  The weather held off for the right amount of time for both camps to enjoy a great day of ruach, competition and friendship.

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