A Tikvah Director’s Dream-Inclusion, Israel and Tennis–All in One Night!


Nothing makes a Tikvah Director happier than a day which combines so many things I love–inclusion, Israel and tennis (to name 3!). On a recent Sunday, I  had the pleasure of driving members of our Amitzim and Nivonim edot to see the Boston Lobsters play World Team Tennis. The Nivonim MiNis and Amitzimers, in two camp vans, laughed, sang and socialized all the way from camp to the match.  Before the match, we got to meet Israeli player, Amir Weintraub, hit against a state of the art ball machine, and picnic on the grass–while listening to a cool band.  During the actual match, we cheered for Amir and the Lobsters.  Weintraub won both his singles and doubles matches and the Lobsters defeated the New York Sportimes 20-18.  The campers from both edot had a blast and continue developing their Amitzim/MiNis relationship back in camp.

Check out Amir Weinraub wearing a Camp Ramah t-shirt!  And you can click here to read my article about Amir Weintraub and the Lobsters.

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