A Top Secret Day in Magshimim – Yom Mossad

The brave souls of Magshimim 2010 set out on a daring, top secret mission on Wednesday. As participants in Yom Mossad (Israeli Intelligence Unit), the edah was charged with the tasks of completing basic training, engineering activities, creating shelters and team symbols, and locating the hidden grenade (painted green rock) in order to gain clues to solve their day-long missions.

In the morning, each team was handed a top-secret manilla envelop that contained the outline of a Mossad operation that has been carried out in the past 60 years. After reading through the basic clues and assembling a team name, uniform, and plan of action, Magshimim headed to basic training. The chanichim had flight aviation training (building complex paper airplanes and flying them through a course), target practice (archery), and field training with Israeli commanders.

Later in the day, the chanichim set out on a photo scavenger hunt with clues from the head command. In addition to locating key materials to help them solve their puzzles, Magshimimers participated in activities linked to their Take Home Ramah project, Birkat Hamazon (Grace After Meals). We took pictures of places around camp and nature that link to the "harachaman" section of Birkat Hamazon. Additionally, we recognized that we are thankful for things that are not mentioned in the traditional liturgy and we wrote our own "harachaman" blessings.

By the end of the day, the chanichim had collected enough clues to debrief the entire edah on their mission. We gathered around a medura (camp fire) to present about our missions and divulge the confidential data that we had earned throughout the day. Yom Mossad was an exciting, educational, and exhilarating day for all!

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