A Wild Week for Magshimim 2010

Life at camp has been anything but boring for edat
haMagshimim in the past few days. On Sunday, we kicked off our final week of
first session with the Shapell Classic softball game, play practice, and an
all-girls etgar (outdoor challenge) trip to camp out by the tree house beyond
Machane Gimmel (in the outskirts of camp).

As if making baked apples around a camp fire and having a
boys bonding night that included making ninja masks was not exciting enough,
all of Tzad Bet (B Side) joined together Monday morning to welcome in the new
month, Av, with inspiring Rosh Chodesh services, led by our shira (music)
staff. Although Magshimim is the youngest edah on Tzad Bet, our awesome
chanichim (campers) read all four of the Rosh Chodesh Torah readings, were
given all four aliyot (called to the Torah), and were called up for hagbah and
gelilah (lifting and wrapping the Torah).

Excitement grew on Monday as we neared our pep rally and
team bonding activities. After aruchat erev (dinner), Magshimim and Bogrim
gathered together in the Beit Am Bet (large indoor space at camp) and
introduced each team that would compete in the next day’s sports competition
with our friends at Camp Ramah in the Berkshires. There was ample singing,
cheering, and dancing, followed by team bonding activities to gear up for the
big day.

What looked like a potentially rainy day cleared up as the
buses from Ramah Berkshires rolled in at 10:45AM Tuesday morning. Each
Magshimim camper competed in sports games, ranging from basketball to scrabble,
tennis to track and volleyball. The Palmer ultimate frisbee team won the game
for the first time in four years! We also won girls softball, girls basketball,
swimming, boys softball, tennis, and Scrabble competitions. While each chanich
or chanicha (camper) was not competing, they could be found on the sidelines
with their counselors, friends and coaches, cheering on their teammates. The
amount of ruach (spirit) and Magshimim pride was unbelievable!

With the Berkshires athletes back on their buses, Magshimim
needed some time to rest before Yom Hatzaga (day of play preparation). Last
night, we gathered together as an edah for Spa Ramah Night. Each chanich or
chanicha chose between yoga/meditation, art projects, jam session, or board
games. We broke up into small groups with our madrichim (counselors) and had a
relaxing evening filled with Apples to Apples games, sidewalk chalk, and
yoga/meditation led by our own Dan Chozick and Jake Orbach-Smith. Everyone
appreciated the low-key evening.

Today, we will be in the Beit Am Aleph (large indoor space
at camp), preparing for our production of Fiddler on the Roof tonight! I will
keep you updated with pictures from the play. We are all excited for the
Magshimim/Bogrim drama spectacular!



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