Abraham and God Arguing Over Who Goes First


This summer camp’s theme is Amidah. As part of this program, Madrichim and other members of the Tzevet will be giving regular divrei Tefillah about the berakhot and other various aspects of the Amidah. I’m going to try to be out there in the field, taking notes on all of the important lessons our madrichim are teaching us, and putting them up on the blog to share with all.

Josh Kulp, Rosh Bet Midrash

Today’s d’var Tefillah was from Ezra Porter, a counselor in Magshimim from Somerville, MA who attends Rochester University. Ezra  about the first two berachot in the Amidah. Ezra noted that the first berakhah is about Abraham, “Magen Avraham”–the shield of Abraham. The second berakhah is about God’s powers. It concludes with God’s greatest power, “Mehaye Metim”–who revives the dead. Ezra talked about a midrashic passage from Bereshit Rabbah in which rabbis argue over whose berakhah comes first–Abraham’s or God’s. Ultimately, as we know, Abraham’s berakhah comes first and we say “Magen Avraham” as the first berakhah in the Amidah before Mehaye Metim, God’s berakhah. Nevertheless, the truth is that although Avraham’s berakhah is supposedly first, the berakhah is really about God. Although we mention Avraham, God really receives the credit, for it is God who protects Avraham. So too, at camp and in our lives, we should remind ourselves that our successes, the very fact that we are lucky enough to be here, is ultimately due to God. For that we should be thankful.

Yasher Koach to Ezra Porter for a great D’var Tefillah! Stay tuned for more.

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