Adat Ha-Ilanot Early Morning Boating

Rise and shine it’s 6:55 am and that means early morning boating for Adat Ha-Ilanot. It might be the crack of dawn for Chanichim (campers) in Machaneh Ramah, but there is no better way to greet the day than boating on the Agam (lake). Chanichim arrive with their Madrichot (counselors) and are given the option to choose a canoe or a kayak. There is a short lesson on how to paddle, lifejackets are put on, a lifeguard helps the Chanichim into their boats, and they are off and boating! This Peulah (activity) is so special because it gives the Chanichim a quiet beautiful way to begin their day. The beauty of being on the Agam is that the experience is so much more than just boating. Chanichim often look for beaver habitats that can be found in different parts of the water and love finding the delicious blueberries that grow around the perimeter of the Agam. It’s a special Tzrif (bunk) bonding time and a truly magnificent way to greet the day! Boker Tov (good morning) Machaneh Ramah!


Categories: Agam, Boating, Chugim, Ilanot