Adat Ha- Kochavim make frisbee’s in Omanut (art)

Adat Ha- Kochavim made cloth Frisbee’s today in Omanut. The idea behind the project was to make an art project that they could walk out of Omanut and use immediately. Ultimate Frisbee at camp is a popular sport and this project combined fun and function. The creative juices continued to flow as the Chanichim (campers) decided to invent a new game “Volleyball Frisbee!” Art and sports a great combination and a great way to start the day!

* An interesting fact about Frisbee’s- this flat shape disc has been a game played probably since the beginning of time, however it was only in 1957 that the company Wham-O co-founders Richard Knerr and Arthur Melin gave the disc the brand name “Frisbee.” This dynamic duo learned that college students were taking empty pie pans from the Connecticut-based pie manufacturer Frisbie Pie Company, a supplier of pies to Yale University where students had started a campus craze tossing empty pie tins stamped with the company’s logo, and from there the brand “Frisbee” was born!

Source: “50 years later, Frisbee still flying high”. The Virginian-Pilot. Retrieved July 28, 2013.