Adat Ha-MAchon Kitchen Staff Appreciation

The chadar ochel (dining hall) is the heart of machaneh ramah, it’s the place that each chanich (camper) comes three times a day for breakfast lunch and dinner. It’s amazing to think that close to a thousand people eat there three times a day, and being able to feed everyone requires food prep, set-up, serving, cleanup and then starting all over again! Adat Ha-Machon decided that they wanted to show their Hakarat Hatov (gratitude) to the cooking crew and kitchen staff so they decided to do something very special. For Tzad Bet (B-side) dinner on Monday night Adat Ha-Machon took over all responsibilities in the chadar ochel, from setting up to serving to clean up they did it all. And to top it off they planned a post-dinner special dessert and dance party in Beit Am Bet for the kitchen crew where they set the tables beautifully and placed handwritten thank you cards all along the middle of the table with trays filled with delicious homemade goodies that they had prepared. After dessert, there was a full-on dance party where chanichim taught the kitchen staff popular camp dances. It was a lovely evening, of appreciation, hard work, creativity, fun and filled with a lot of heart. It was just another example of recognizing the good that someone does for you and in turn saying Todah!


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