Adat Ha-Nivonim Nagarut (woodworking)

It was a busy morning in Nagarut with Adat ha-Nivonim hard at work drilling, sawing, and sanding. It was amazing to see the creative and intricate projects that the Chanichim (campers) had chosen to work on. Ramah Roo Scrabble captain Adeena and her teammate Sara were hard at work on their ultimate homemade scrabble board. Sara said “this was a dream of mine since I was in Adat Ha-Bogrim that one day, I would create my own version of the game in Nagarut. ” Adeena says “I love helping Sara work on her scrabble set. As captain of the Roo Scrabble I love seeing my teammates turn their passions into creations.”

For David having the opportunity to combine two passions is very exciting as he is building an acoustic double base guitar that he hopes will help him take his music skills to the next level. For Avi being in Nagarut for the first time he was excited to create the Washington Nationals symbol out of wood as he hails from DC and it’s his favorite baseball team. What a busy and creative morning as the Chanichim  had the opportunity to turn hobbies and passions into creative realities!


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