Adat ha-Solelim & adat ha-Shoafim: Duct Tape Art, Sharpie Art, Video, Camp Crafts and Magic Cards

These chanichim (campers) are enjoying their various chugim (electives) in the Omanut (art) building.  For many, this is their “happy place”.  Ari Cooper is Rosh Chug Camp Crafts, which included Shaving Cream Art and Tissue Paper Art (below).

Max Weissman is Rosh Chug Duct Tape Art.  Here, the chanichim are creating cup holders out of many different colors of duct tape.

Rosh Chug Video, Yoav Wachs, is seen here with chug members from adat ha-Kochavim and adat ha-Ilanot.

Adi Bar-David, of Moshav Mishmeret, is Rosh Chug Sharpie Art.  This is her first kayitz (summer) here at Ramah Palmer, and upon her return to Israel she will be inducted into the Israel Defense Forces as an Officer providing social work services to soldiers.

The Chug Magic Cards is led by Zev Seltzer, with his trusty Assistant Rosh Chug, Rabbi Bruce Bromberg Seltzer (pictured below).  These chanichim from adat ha-Solelim and adat ha-Shoafim (photo top and below) simply love this chug!