Adat Ha-Solelim Shirah (singing)

The backdrop was the tree-studded woods of Machaneh Ramah and the Chanichim (campers) of Adat Ha-Solelim sang the song “Tov Li B’Machaneh Ramah- How good it is to be in Camp Ramah.” The Shirah Peulah (activity) was led by Jeremy Stein Visiting Shirah (song) and Tefilah (prayer) specialist. Not only is the song beautiful but when nature is your backdrop and you are singing about the camp that you love spending your summer at it all just comes together in perfect harmony. Amelie said, “it’s fun and energetic because you are singing together.” Jennifer said, “everyone is singing together and it makes the song strong.” Rosie said, “I love singing because it brings you closer to friends.” The other songs that Jeremy was teaching the Chanichim were songs that he had learned from the Abudaya Jewish community in Uganda.

Want to hear the song? Click on the link to listen- Enjoy!


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