Adat-haKochavim: T’fila & Hakarat HaTov

These chanichim (campers) of adat-haKochavim started their day with a lovely t’fila.  Their madricha Emma G.  gave a d’var Torah that related to our camp-wide theme for kayitz 2017, Hakarat HaTov (gratitude).  She told the story about a young boy who visited an elderly blind person every week for several years.  Her name was Edith.  Edith told the young boy that the one thing she would love is for him to describe what the view was out of her window.  Every week, he did that, and described in detail the sun, birds, squirrels, grass, clouds, trees, and flowers. Finally the day came for him to go to college, and they said their goodbyes.  The next week, when Edith’s nurse entered her room, she was asked to describe the view from the window.  The nurse answered, with tears in her eyes, that all that was visible was a brick wall.  The boy had used his imagination to give Edith something to in turn imagine, by giving her all those details — unbounded by a brick wall.  Then the chanichim gave examples of their own Hakarat HaTov actions: hug a sister; help others; and compliment people.  The wonderful t’fila ended with Adon Olam to the tune of…Happy Birthday, in honor of the chanich Noam’s birthday.

Categories: Kochavim, Tefillot