Adventure Course/Climbing Wall

The Adventure Course and Climbing Wall have been very busy since opening day.  Everyday we have each edah (age group) climbing, swinging or learning about team work.

While climbing the wall with the map of Israel, questions about Israeli cities listed on the map are shouted out when the climber gets to those cities. Our knowledgeable Israeli staff share their love of home with all of us.  Ask your kids how they liked climbing while blind folded.  When they come back down questions are asked about how they felt there guide did in getting them to the top, how hard or easy they felt it was or if they felt they themselves could lead someone to the top of the tower.

Our first 2 weeks of ropes chug is almost finished.  (boy did that go fast!)  We are looking forward to the next group of eager climbers and leaders coming to the Adventure Course and Climbing Wall to experience all the fun and excitement of climbing, learning and swinging.


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