Adventures and Creativity in Omanut!

From Debra Beland, our Rosh Omanut:

It’s been an extraordinary session in Omanut (Arts & Crafts)! Within our walls we offer a wide range of artistic experiences. From our youngest hanichim (campers) to our oldest, we have seen all of our artists dive into projects that take many days and lots of hard work to complete. It’s impossible to describe everything we do here but a few photos can give you a taste of the magic.

One of the most exciting parts about working with our hanichim is watching how they begin with the same materials and yet each one finishes with a piece of art that is truly unique and their own. Some of our artists are new to their chugim this summer, while others have been honing their talents over many years. Regardless of their medium — be it clay, silk, paper, duct tape, mosaics, wood, or jewelry — the one constant is their dedication to creating something they are proud to call their own. We know you will be amazed when these treasures arrive home, ready to be displayed (and sometimes used) with pride!