Agam (Lake): adat ha-Solelim

These chanichim (campers) from adat ha-Solelim had a wonderful instructional swim perek (session) on a warm, sunny afternoon in our well-guarded agam (lake).  The agam boasts a newly landscaped beachfront that is conducive to all swimming and boating activities, as well as tefilla (prayer services) and other programming.  The chanichim have been briefed on the safety rules, tested for their swim level, and participate in group swim instruction to develop skills, technique and strength.

There were plenty of smiles due to the beautiful setting, the cooling waters of the agam, and of course, new friends.

Pictured below are some of our hardworking Tzevet Agam (Lake Staff), from Israel and the U.S.

Rotem Ad-Epsztein of Kibbutz Alumot in Israel has spent many years on Tzevet, as Rosh Agam.   She keeps an eye out for every chanich, and guides the entire Tzevet Agam in best practices.





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