Fun at the Agam (Waterfront)!

What a great summer we are having at the agam! The weather has really been on our side and everyone has enjoyed boating, swimming, and various in-water chugim (activities).

On B-side, for the older edot, we’ve had fun water activities, including lake swims with fins, jumping on the trampoline, yoga on the dock in the middle of the agam, and water polo. We have also had a swim to stay fit chug and an improving strokes chug. The kids have really enjoyed them and continue to come back to have fun on the agam. Amitzim has been having swim lessons and free swim every day on B-side as well.

On A-side, for the younger edot, we have both swimming lessons and free swim, including the trampoline, every day. The kids are enjoying learning in the water and we always have attendees at our afternoon free swim time.

We look forward to continue having a safe and fun summer on the agam! Rotem and Leah

Categories: Chugim