All of Kochavim Wins Yom Sport!

For the past 24+ hours, all of Kochavim has competed on K’vutzat Adom (red team) in Yom Sport! We competed in games like softball, dodgeball, competitive dance, scrabble, scavenger hunts, and more! We ended the day with a giant game of capture the flag and our closing ceremonies. The kochavimers danced and cheered on stage with all the older chanichim (campers) and Adoma ended up winning Yom Sport! It was such an amazing day for everyone and go down as a incredible first Yom Sport memory! See pictures belowPhoto Aug 08, 9 57 31 PM (1) Photo Aug 08, 9 25 11 AM Photo Aug 08, 4 15 23 PM

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