Alternative Tefillot

Here are the amazing Alternative Tefillot offerings for the last Friday this kayitz (summer).  Yasher Koach to those chanichim (campers) and Tzevet (staff) who created and led these Tefillot.  Great job!

Traditional Minyan; led by Alex Garber.

For a minyan with all the classic tunes and prayers you are used to, come to the BK for a ruach filled Shacharit!

Who run the davening? The shaliach tzibbur! A Beyonce minyan; led by Sophie Schonberger (photos, below)

Praise our lord almighty, master of the universe, ruler of all humankind. Also, praise Hashem.


Na na na not your average minyan; led by Sarah Berman & Natan Fandel (photos, below)

A musical, melodious minyan full of alternative tunes, learning, and spirituality! Come sing your heart out!

Poetr-im tirtzu: A haiku poetry slam minyan; led by Maddy Mermelstein (photos, below)

Thank god with rhythm/ tefilot is freakin dope/ Shabbat Shalom y’all

Shhhhhhhhhhhacharit the ultimate edition: reflection, ruach, and realizing hashem’s greatness; led by Noah Glickman and Matan Rosenfeld (photos, below)

For the epic finale to an epic tefilot series (The Return of the King if you will) come down to the red structure! Deep thinking, deep breathing, and deep davening are sure to follow!

Hey There De-boker: tefilot through pop music; led by Yosef Nelson (photos, below)

Want to experience tefilot through current music? Join us on a journey through tefilot with the hottest tunes since weekday nusach!

Feminyanity: a feminism minyan; led by Tali Glickman (photos, below)

Learn about gender equality and Judaism in this rad minyan! Daven, discuss, and determine how feminism and justice are intrinsically tied up in our Judaism and our davening!

Oma-tovu-manut; led by Yael Liebman and Liat Shapiro (photos, below)

Thank hashem using arts and crafts! Express your blessings using paper, markers, scissors, and glue!

I got one less problem without shelo asani isha; led by Vered Ornstein (photos, below)

Disagree with some of the tefilot you read? Have questions about our daily davening? Come by the sif for some insightful discussions about problematic tefilot!

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