Alternative Tefillot: Tzad Bet, Part 1

Tzad Bet chanichim (campers) were treated today to some of the most innovative, creative, and inspiring modes of prayer.   They were encouraged to try something new and different, and they did so with energy and spirit.  Our madrichim (counselors) did a stellar job in leading these tefillot, and spoke personally to the chanichim from their own experiences.

For example, Dahlia Lehman led “Goat yoga and connecting to God”.  It was time to do yoga next to some goats (in our brand new Hava (farm))! and connect to tefilla using one’s body and love of nature.  Of course, the goat pose was included.  Various prayers such as Modeh Ani and Shma were the focus of this tefilla.  Mindfulness and breathing practices were also central.

The “mindful meditation minyan”, led by Noah Glickman and Matan Rosenfeld, was designed for a morning of deep breathing, deep thinking, and deep soul searching.  Calm, soothing background music was included.

The “niggun and spirituality minyan”, led by Sarah Berman and Natan Fandel, was a musical, melodious minyan full of alternative tunes, learning and spirituality.