Alternative Tefilot: Tzad Bet

Tzad Bet chanichim (campers) had another Friday full of Alternative Tefilot options.  Each one was unique and brought its own special perspective on Tefila.  Below are the descriptions of each, with accompanying photos.

Traditional Minyan, led by Hani Fish-Bieler:  For a minyan with all the classic tunes and prayers you are used to, come to the beit Knesset for a ruach filled shacharit!

Shhhhhhhhhhacharit part 3: Calm, cool, cavanah, led by Matan Rosenfield and Noah Glickman: Whether you are a shhhhhhhhacharit newbie or a seasoned pro, come back for week 3 of sanctuary, silent prayer, and substantially spiritual services! 

As I went down tune the river to pray: Contemplative nigguns by the agam, led by Rabbi Gordon Tucker:Go past the words on the page and the standard daily nusachs. Come down to the agam to daven and use the nai-nai-nais in your heart to praise hashem!

Green Eggs and Hamidah: a Dr. Seuss minyan, led by Emmett Stein and Nadav Kalender:  And then something went BUMP! How that bump made us jump! We looked! Then we saw him step in on the mat! We looked! And we saw him! The cat in the hat kadosh baruch hu!

I’ve God a feeling, led by Eytan Layman and Jordan Werbel:  Find it hard to connect to tefilot? Join us for a meaningful conversation about Hashem, tefilot and the meaning of life next to one of Hashem’s most magical creations (goats).

Medu-MA RABU MA’ASECHA ADONAI, led by Sarah Berman and Natan Fandel: Be in awe of nature and hashem’s creations with song, prayer, and ruach around the campfire! Appreciate the beauty of camp in this alternative davening environment!

Tze-declaration of the of the rights of man: a social justice minyan, led by Vered Ornstein:  Do you feel a pull towards making the world better? Ever wonder how social justice connects to Jewish values and laws? Come to learn about what Halacha and tefilah have to say about justice, activism, and standing up for what you believe in.