Alternative T’filot: Part 2! Tzad Bet

Tzad Bet chanichim (Side-B campers) were treated to another set of Alternative T’filot this past Friday morning.  The chanichim chose which one to attend, and could thus experience a somewhat different t’fila than the usual daily Palmer service.  These creative new pathways to prayer were personally engaging and spiritually invigorating.  In addition to some of the t’filot that were offered and blogged about last week (see here: ), some of the new offerings were:

Niggunim and Meditation with Oren Kaunfer — start your day with kavanah, mindfulness and beauty, is pictured above and below:

Another t’fila was: You Be the Judge with Marcia Glickman — think and talk through the best way to act in various scenarios.  (pictured below).

Last but not least, Stories We Pray, with Rabbi Jeffrey Arnowitz: every t’fila has a story; explore the stories in our t’filot. (Photo, below)






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