Amitzim: A Night Under the Stars


In honor of rosh chodesh (beginning of the new month), Amitzim had a "night under the stars" for peulat erev (night time activity) last night. Two of the counselors, Dory and Avraham, planned a great night where the chanichim (campers) had the chance to pretend like they were in a planetarium, watched a short clip on the phases of the moon, learned about different star constellations and even created their own constellations with black paper and glow in the dark stickers! Rosh Chodesh is a time where there is a new moon and the phases of the moon begin again so the counselors felt it was appropriate to teach about this concept. Amitzim had a blast sitting in the dark looking at stars on a big projector and hearing stories about some of the stars. They all worked very hard to create personal constellations that they have already hung up in their bunks next to their beds. 

Here are two campers working on making their star creations:DSC02047Here is a camper showing off his beautiful art work: DSC02054Finally, here is a camper with her completed "Bunk 84" star constellation!DSC02066


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