Amitzim! Amitzim! Amitzim!

What a wonderful couple of days it has been in Amitzim! As you may be able to tell from the title of this post, we have been showing our edah pride from the start by chanting our name whenever possible. We started off our first day by learning about our daily schedule by trying out a few activities and making our own schedules as part of a game show. Yesterday was our first full day which gave us the chance to try out all of the different parts of our day including very spirited tefillot (prayers), bunk activities, avodah (vocational training), and chug (choices such as art, boating, archery, ropes course, and cooking). The rainy weather couldn't even stop us from having a great time playing sports and swimming in the lake! Amitzim truly lives up to its namesake: the Brave Ones in Hebrew. Today was even better because we've had warm weather and sun. 

Last night was very special because we got to celebrate Sheva Brachot for Emily and Dave, two longtime former staff members in Amitzim and Voc Ed who just got married (see another post about that). Sheva Brachot are traditionally recited at meals in the week following a wedding and are an extra chance to celebrate with the new couple. Many friends from Tikvah came back to visit us for the evening and celebrate. We presented Emily and Dave with a book of our own blessings for them and had a wild, Amitzim-style dance party. It was very fun! 

We can't wait for tomorrow when we get ready to celebrate our first Shabbat together at camp!

Ariella Rosen, Rosh Amitzim
Judith Simons, Sganit Rosh Amitzim

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