Amitzim and Bogrim Buddies

Every afternoon, the Amitzim campers are paired up with Bogrim (rising 9th grade) campers for a program we call “Bogrim Buddies.” The Bogrim buddies have a few training sessions where they have a chance to learn about disabilities and ask questions throughout their experience. They then come every day to our avodah (jobs) period of the day and help the Amitzim campers do jobs around camp. The jobs include delivering mail, working in cafe Ramah, setting up the chadar ochel (dining hall) for dinner, working in the guest house, learning social skills with our job coordinator and a few work on reading and academics. The buddies are extremely committed to Amitzim and the connections they have formed have been amazing. They really look forward to this hour every day where the Tikvah program is able to shine. These buddies are energetic, ask great questions, always help out and always leave smiling. For both the Amitzim and Bogrim campers, this is an experience that is not easily matched anywhere else.

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