Amitzim does Avodah!

Amitzim has the great opportunity everyday to give back to the machane community. This happens everyday during our Avodah perek. The avodah perek is meant as a vocational skills and work time. This kayitz, we have a rotation of 3 jobs that the Amitzimers do during Avodah. The first job is mail delivery. The chanichim deliver packages to all of tzad bet. The second job is working in the guest house. Sometimes the chanichim fold sheets or make beds and other times they sweep the porch. They help make the guest house beautiful for all of the orchim! The 3rd job is the nikayon cleaning workshop. This job is run by our very our madrichim. During this time the madrichim take the time to teach the skills of nikayon. All of the chanichim have learned the skill of folding clothes, making beds, and sweeping! Avodah is a great time of the day of Amitzim!


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