Amitzim does Disney


On Sunday Amitzim had our last Yom Meyuchad (special day) of the session. The counselors planned a day with a Disney theme. Each activity was centered around a different Disney movie- having car races in the morning, learning self defense for Mulan, participating in nature related activities for Pocohantos and walking to Rondeau’s with balloons to represent the movie Up. The kids had a great time during every activity and loved talking about some of their favorite movies and stories. After a long day we all dressed up in our finest Shabbat gear and made our way over to the Tikvah Cinderella Ball. We had an elegant dinner in Cafe Ramah and then spent the rest of the night dancing and celebrating! The entire room was filled with smiles and positive energy that was contagious. The whole room was non-stop dancing and singing for almost two hours. It was an awesome way to start week 8- everyone had a blast!

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