Amitzim Ends with a Bang!

Last night was the night we’ve all been waiting for.  After a great deal of rehearsal and anticipation, we put on a fantastic Amitzim/Machon (i.e. Machitzim) play, The Prince of Egypt!  The show was truly spectacular.  Our Amitzim chanichim (campers) opened the play with an awesome Passover seder scene, and delivered their lines so well!  They even got to use kiddush cup props that they decorated last week during peulat erev (evening activity).  We sang songs in Hebrew, danced through the aisles and on stage, entertained the audience with a hilarious rendition of the Ten Plagues, and generally performed with enthusiasm and glee.  After the curtain closed, we had a fantastic cast party with all of Machon to celebrate our accomplishments together, and to enjoy each other’s company for just a little longer.  Now we’re trying to make the most of these last few days at camp with our friends, and are especially looking forward to this last shabbat together!

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