Amitzim Engage with Hakarat Hatov (gratitude)

On our first day of camp, chanichim (campers) in edat ha-Amitzim were introduced to our Palmer camp-wide theme for the summer, Hakarat Hatov (gratitude).  Yona Goldman, Rabbi Joshua Ackerman and Yoni Graiver of our Hinuch (Education) staff engaged these chanichim in a participatory exploration of our theme, through discussion, writing, illustration, and song.

The chanichim were eager to raise their hands, answer questions, and participate. The chanichim reviewed the meaning of each word that makes up the phrase “Hakarat HaTov”, and learned that the phrase means “appreciative” and “grateful”.  Then, they were split into 4 groups, and encouraged to develop a “Thinking Map” through word and illustration, which showed one main idea to focus on, and 6 examples that illustrate the main idea.  The chanichim went around the circle, and told their name, where they were from, and one thing or person they are grateful for.  What an interesting and eclectic list emerged!

This exciting session laid the groundwork for developing this theme further in the coming days.     We ended with a robust round of Hine Ma Tov uMa Nayim in three different tunes, the last one — straight from Texas, imported by Texas native Rabbi Ackerman!  Most of all — we were all — chanichim and tzevet — appreciative of our friends at Palmer.

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