Amitzim enjoys Yom Tapuchim (Apples)!


Yesterday for our yom meyuchad or day of special activities, we had Yom Tapuchim- a day of apple related events! In the morning we learned about Rosh HaShana and used apples as stamps to create beautiful challah covers for the holiday. The counselors put on a silly skit about the Garden of Eden and invented a giant game of "apples to apples," a personal favorite. In the afternoon Amitzim bobbed for apples and even baked apple crisp! After dinner Amitzim enjoyed playing life size Apple computer games in order to wrap up the day filled with apples, apples and more apples! 

Check out Amitzim painting with apples as a great start to the day:  DSC02080
DSC02076 DSC02083

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