Amitzim enjoys Yom USA!


Today we had our first Yom Meyuchad (special day) at camp. The madrichim (counselors) planned a day filled with USA themed activities. We started the morning as explorers looking for the land. We learned about the “Palmer” tea party, made beards in spirit of the civil war times and learned many American songs. We played instruments and then enjoyed a pack out lunch outside. After lunch and some rest we listened to jazz, learned a new dance, practiced our party skills and then had a protest. Our rosh edah, Elisheva, was kidnapped and we had to go to the misrad (office) to save her! With the theme of “amidah” we learned to stand up for her.

To finish up the day we spent time with our friends from Machon, enjoyed a BBQ dinner and pretended we were Americans in the future who turned into robots. We also made slime! Everyone had a smile on the whole day and are now sound asleep. Looking forward to an exciting rest of the week here in Amitzim. 

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