Amitzim gets a visit from the firetruck!


On Friday afternoon before Shabbat, A side was experiencing “Yom Foam” so Amitzim got to have a lucky visit from the Palmer Fire Department! The truck pulled up in front of our bunks and we had the chance to climb around and try on firemen outfits. The kids had a great time sitting in the driver’s seat and in the passenger seats learning what it would feel like to be a real fire man. The Palmer firemen were nice enough to bring us treats- our own fire hats, stickers and safety books!

Here’s a shot of all of Tikvah standing in front of the truck showing off their new stuff. It was a special treat on a Friday afternoon. We continued the day with a visit to Cafe Ramah and then got ready for Shabbat. We can’t believe we only have a week left! We are looking forward to a special Disney themed day today and a week filled with special events. 

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