Amitzim goes Blue!

So much has happened in Amitzim since I last wrote! We wowed camp with our phenomenal play, we celebrated the Jewish holidays on Yom Chagim, and had another wonderful Shabbat! 

This week involved even more exciting events and programs! We welcomed Rachel Braun (an old friend) back to camp for the week to teach us about Tefillah (prayer) to help kick off our take-home project on daily Tefillah. On Monday night we had our Peulat Erev (evening activity) with Shoafim during which we played many games and made many new friends. We also jammed with the Bible Raps crew who are here to work with some of the older edot. We learned about many different Jewish stories from them, including the story of Rabbi Akiva, the Ten Plagues, and David and Goliath. Many campers participated by rapping along. It was very cool! 

Yesterday we went on a trip! We went to Nourse Farms where we picked 2 coolers full (!) of blueberries, had a picnic lunch, and then went to Look Park. At the park we went on a train ride, walked through the zoo, and then most of us went to the sprinkler park while others rode in pedal boats on the lake. We came back in time for a cookout dinner and our evening activity called Storytime with Howard Blas. It was a great day!

Tonight we are looking forward to the first session carnival and final banquet and will celebrate the Bat Mitzvah of a sister of an Amitzim camper. We also can't wait for Shabbat, our Etgar (camping trip) next week, and of course Visitor's Day on Sunday!

Kol Tuv,


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