Amitzim goes Israeli!

Amitzim has had a wonderful week! Last week was marked by
the camp-wide Six Flags trip. We had a blast on the different rides and
especially hanging out in the water park! On Tisha B’Av we learned about Lashon
Harah (how we speak about other people) and the history of Jerusalem. On
Shabbat many of our friends from Nivonim came to spend time with us.

On Monday we participated in Yom Sport (Color War) with the
rest of camp. We played sports like volleyball and kickball, cheered on our
teammates, and took a break from the festivities to walk to Rondeau’s for
delicious ice cream!

Last night Tikvah was proudly represented in the camp-wide
peulat erev “Ramah’s Got Talent!” Though neither act took home the grand prize,
we cheered on Leah from Voc Ed who tap danced and Sam from Amitzim who rocked
out to a Greenday song. We were very proud of them!

Today we are in the middle of Yom Yisrael! So far we have
gone through Tzahal (Israeli army) training with an obstacle course, and played
a spirited Israeli soccer game. Later on we will make a 3-D map out of nature
materials, do an art project, and cook our own authentic Israeli dinner. We are
having a great time!

Tomorrow we are looking forward to spending more time with
our CITs and having a “normal” day.

Kol Tuv!


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