Amitzim has a campfire with the MiNis!


On Thursday night the Nivonim MiNis, along with the mishlachat came to a medurah (campfire) with Amitzim. One of the activities around the fire was to turn to the person next to you and find something you have in common to write down on a colorful strip of paper. Once everyone has a fact written down they linked the facts together to make one big friendship circle. Check out everyone above being silly and having a great time!

The night continued and we heard a saxophone player and made pita over the fire. One of the MiNis, Ari, brought his guitar and engaged everyone in a great song session. Everyone loved hanging out with their friends and had an amazing time with all of the activities. The MiNis have been doing an awesome job working with Amitzim and we all look forward to seeing each other around camp daily. Stay tuned for another great week filled with a camp play tonight, a peulat erev with Ilanot tomorrow night, a yom meyuchad and so much more. Shalom from Palmer!

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