Amitzim & Hinuch

Our venerable tzevet Hinuch (Education staff) including Yona Goldman, Rabbi Andy Pepperstone and Shani Balter, led a wonderful outdoor Hinuch session with our chanichim (campers) in adat-haAmitzim.  Yona told the story of the man who was not very well-dressed who knocked on the door of a wealthy man on a Friday evening.  When the door was opened, the potential guest was turned away because his clothing was not deemed fancy or nice enough.  He went away, put on fine clothing, and knocked again.  This time he was welcomed with welcoming words, smiles, and open arms. When the meal began, he stuffed a chicken in his pants, bread in his coat, and poured wine on his hair.  The astonished dinner guests asked what he was doing.  He turned to the host and said, “Apparently you were only interested in feeding my clothing and not me as a person, so therefore, I am feeding the clothing”.  The chanichim listened closely, and participated in a discussion of the meaning of this story.  They then did an art activity.  They drew any new things that they learned this summer on a picture of a duffel bag, so they will be ready this Sunday to take the best lessons of Palmer — including friendship, kindness, patience, Shabbat, t’fila, Hebrew, love of Israel, dance, song, art, sportsmanship, hospitality, inclusion — home with them.


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