Amitzim host a fancy dress dance gala and invite their Nivonim Minis (CITs)

Amitzim celebrated in style with fancy dress costumes, great music and friends.   The chanichim  (campers) made fun dress clothes from paper and cardboard during omanut (art) earlier in the day and then attended their very own gala in the Beit Am Gadol, joined by the Nivonim minis (CITs). The Nivonim minis sat with Amitzim at aruchat erev (dinner), helped them put on their costumes and attended the party as guests. In addition to music played over the sound system, Amitzim were treated to live musical performances from tzevet (staff) and the minis, which included guitar, ukulele, and saxophone.


Nivonim are divided into groups and spend a perek each day learning about a specific job at camp.  The Amitzim “minis”  are learning the skills needed to be Amitzim madrichim (counselors).  Helping Amitzim prepare for their gala and attending allowed the minis to put their learning into action and gave them a chance to get to know the Amitzim chanichim. Amitzim loved having their Nivonim friends join them at their party.  What a great night!



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