Amitzim Knows How to Jam and Pack!

What a busy couple of days we have spent in Amitzim! After an incredibly fun and restful Shabbat, we finally had a yom ragil (normal day). We played sports, went swimming in the agam, and enjoyed our chug (choice) activities. We were also incredibly lucky to be joined by several former Roshei Amitzim who were guests at camp (working with the Nivonim leadership tracks). Emily and Dave Kieval ran a talent show for Amitzim and Voc Ed in which many campers danced, sang, and told jokes. Ami Yares and his band The Shuk came and performed for us on Monday morning. We even got to use our own instruments to play along with them! 

Tomorrow, we are going with the rest of camp to Six Flags. We are so excited that we spent our evening today preparing! We brainstormed as a group what we might need to bring: a hat, sunscreen, swimsuit, towel, sneakers, etc. We then dressed up our counselors and had a fashion show before packing our own bags. 

We can't wait to share photos and stories from our day at the park!

Kol tuv,


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