Amitzim Saves Camp!

Last night, Amitzim performed its edah play for the entire camp! Each year, Amitzim counselors write a play based on our Yahadut (Jewish learning) curriculum that involves every camper in a way that he or she can perform. This year, our Yahadut theme is "Breisheet Stories," the stories from the first book of the Torah. The play was an adaptation of the Noah's ark story in which "The Big Guy Upstairs" was sending a flood to put out the fire of an evil dragon that was threatening camp. Amitzim was charged with the task of collecting all of the important people and things around camp so they could be saved. 

The campers in Amitzim performed beautifully and succeeded in saving camp! Everyone had at least one line to say, and we all joined in singing several songs during the play and performing a dance as well. A highlight of the play were videos made ahead of time showing the Amitzimers collecting everything and floating safely in the agam during the flood. 

We are all so proud of our campers and their accomplishment! Kol HaKavod Amitzim!

We are now getting ready for our Etgar (challenge, the name of our 2 day camping trip) with Voc Ed. We leave Tuesday morning and return to camp on Wednesday evening. We will spend the two days picking berries, hiking, canoeing, setting up tents, cooking, and other fun activities out in nature. 

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