Amitzim saves the day: Yom Giborim!


Today is Amitzim's first Yom Meyuchad or day of special activities. The theme of our day is giborim which means heros. We spent the morning learning about qualities of super heros and how we can take those qualities and add them to our own lives. The chanichim were given the chance to trace each other in chalk and write their personal superhero powers inside their bodies. We also learned about some Jewish heros like the macabees and soldiers from the tzahal or Israeli army. The chanichim participated in relay races and got to wear real tzahal uniforms brought to us by our Israeli mishlachat counselor, Avraham! 

This afternoon Amitzim is on a mission to act as super heros and finish challenges all around camp. The goal is to save Shabbat. Some of the peulot or activities so far have been making challah and going on a scavenger hunt. Time to get back to the Amitzim giborim! 

Enjoy these pictures from this morning… DSC01459 DSC01469

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