Amitzim: Shabbat and Cars and Monsters, Oh My!


Amitzim is continuing to have a blast at camp!  We had a fabulous first shabbat of the summer, which included tons of shira (singing), spirited tefillot (prayers), an exciting shabbat walk to Tzad Aleph (A-Side), and a beautiful havdallah ceremony to begin the new week.  Our peulat erev (evening activity) on Monday night was “Cars,” to kick off this week’s theme: Pixar!  We decorated box cars in teams and then raced them around the new hockey court.  All the chanichim (campers) had a wonderful time working in teams and having some exciting and friendly competition.  Today for yom meyuchad (special day), we had Yom Monsters Inc., continuing the Pixar theme.  The day’s activities included a scavenger hunt to find Boo, sock puppet-making, and a thrilling monster fashion show.  We are so excited for the rest of this Pixar-filled week, and can’t wait to update you again soon!

Amitzim celebrated Rosh Chodesh(beginning the new Hebrew calendar month) with friends from Shoafim by reading Torah on Sunday morning!Some fierce boxcar racers!Having lots of fun during Yom Monsters Inc.!
Some fierce boxcar racers!
Having lots of fun during Yom Monsters Inc.!

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