Amitzim Soars Through Week 6!

As we move toward shabbat, Amitzim continues to have a fantastic week at camp.  Last night we had a special peulat erev (evening activity), Love Around the World, in which we learned about different ways people celebrate love across the globe.  We began with a plane ride, and landed at four destinations: America, India, Israel, and Denmark.  Along the way we had the opportunity to do a bunch of fun activities, including making love pranks for our friends in Machon, having our own version of Holi by tagging sheets on each other’s backs with paint, playing freeze dance to Hebrew music, and writing love poems about camp.

Today featured a special surprise before dinner.  Instead of taking showers like we normally do, we divided into two groups to go enjoy the water trampoline and the Jungle Joe, a special climbing tower/water slide in the agam (lake).  Watching the chanichim (campers) bring themselves to try these new aquatic adventures was incredible, and everyone had lots of memorable fun.  After dinner we had our weekly medurah (campfire), where many of the chanichim shared poems, songs, stories, or other thoughts they had prepared.  We truly are a talented bunch!


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