Amitzim Take Home Project

In my email I inadvertantly left out Amitzim's great take home project.  Here it is:

One of the hallmarks of the Amitzim Jewish experience is our spirited daily tefillot. Not only do other members of the camp community seek out a chance to pray with Amitzim but tefillot are a true highlight of the day for the Amitzim campers as well. For many Amitzimers, a daily routine is more than just a source of stability and comfort, and is actually a necessity. Shacharit becomes an integral part of their daily schedule at camp.  Unfortunately, many members of the Tikvah community do not have access to a vibrant Jewish community or a strong connection to Jewish practices at home so we are seeking a way to bring the tefillah experience home.


We hope to facilitate this by making a recording of Amitzim tefillot to make into CD’s to send home as well as an accompanying guide.


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