Amitzim takes a trip!

On Monday Amitzim travelled to Amherest, MA and visited the Eric Carle museum of storybook art. The museum was extremely welcoming and we had a great time. We watched a short movie on the history of Carle’s life as an author and artist and learned where all of his beloved children tales come from. We then had a picnic lunch outside and continued on into the art studio to do some Eric Carle style art. The campers enjoyed ripping and cutting up tissue paper to create designs on their own pages of a storybook. After the art project we had the chance to go to the reading room which was filled with all of our favorite stories from growing up. The campers read to one another, read with counselors and read on their own in this amazing library. We walked around the exhibits and left the museum feeling happy and filled with imagination and energy for the rest of the day!

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