Amitzim- T’filot and Shabbat!

This past Shabbat Amitzim had a great time celebrating and relaxing. We joined the whole camp for services in the grove, had dinner together and had a ruach filled song session. On Shabbat morning we had services outside and learned about the Torah portion through a skit put on by our counselors. Throughout the day we went on a walk, had an award ceremony and ended with a beautiful havdalah together. Below are some pictures from before Shabbat of Amitzim dressing up in style.

Another great aspect of our day is our early morning t’filot. They are interactive; filled with hand motions and songs that explain the meaning of certain prayers. Lately we have been having many visitors from around camp join us for our services to make the experience even more exciting. We are always dancing, singing and starting our day off on an exciting and energetic foot!

Right now Amitzim is looking forward to our song and dance festival tonight where we are going to perform a song for the whole camp. Be on the lookout for more updates!

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