Amitzim, Voc Ed and Post Voc Ed: Shabbos Is Calling Goes Video!!


Yasher Koach to Tikvah campers, staff and family members.  After lots of work preparing our video cameras, headsets and computers, Amitzim campers and staff members "met" at 7 pm for a video conference on MegaMeeting.  A total of 12 people sang Shabbat songs, and shmoozed about such things as Ilyse's dog, Shira's cross country team, the new Spiderman movie, and "one great thing we have been doing at home or school."   

At 8 pm, members of Voc Ed and Post Voc ed had their own "Shabbos Is Calling" meeting with 9 participants.  David, Melissa, Jakie and Ortal talked about their jobs.  We learned that Jakie helps out at the Jewish Home in New Haven, escorting people to minyan!  David works for a private school's dining service.  All are very excited for the upcoming reunion over Shabbat Chanukah in West Hartford, CT. 

The "Shabbos Is Calling" vide meetings will continue each week.  Directors of three other Tikvah programs–Canada, California, and Wisconsin will soon follow our lead and bring "Shabbos Is Calling" to their camps! 

Come see us in action! 
Amitzim first Shabbos is calling2   
Voced shabbos is calling 2





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